A few months ago, we announced that we’ll be launching a brand new website this year… and that time has finally come! We’ve kept the new site in ‘beta’ mode for a few weeks now, testing and tweaking things to get it just right and we’re finally ready to roll it out to everyone. The new website is a really cool and exciting project and while it’s
How much time do you waste on the average day looking for things buried somewhere on your desk? Or getting up to get something on the other side of your office? Or otherwise retrieving the things you need to do your job? If you added up all those wasted seconds and minutes, you might be surprised at the percentage of your day that it takes up. Taking the time to set up an optimal workspace can
Iconshock is the largest icon design company in the world and today they’re bringing a spectacular giveaway to WDD readers. In this contest, Iconshock will be providing 10 full subscription licenses to ALL their icons. Yes, you read that right, ALL their icons. The value of all these prizes is an astonishing $4,990! And this includes a staggering amount of goodies: 800,000
Through WDD we love to show you how you can use your design skills to be creative in all aspects of your life, not only when sitting at your computer. Everywhere you look, you can find people in many different fields using their design talents, even in the food industry. In this post, we’ve selected some amazing examples of creative sandwich art. Some are really fun (and look delicious
When is orange more like red? Web designers, even picky ones, sometimes ignore color shift across monitors. How is a web designer to manage color when the screens of their users could be any size or color or could be viewed under any lighting conditions? Unlike fixing HTML errors, which affect browsers as the page is loaded, getting accurate color is part of the designer’s work process.
Every week we tweet a lot of interesting stuff highlighting great content that we find on the web that can be of interest to web designers. The best way to keep track of our tweets is simply to follow us on Twitter, however, in case you missed some here’s a quick and useful compilation of the best tweets that we sent out this past week. Note that this is only a very small selection of the links
Every week we feature a set of comics created exclusively for WDD. The content revolves around web design, blogging and funny situations that we encounter in our daily lives as designers. These great cartoons are created by Jerry King, an award-winning cartoonist who’s one of the most published, prolific and versatile cartoonists in the world today. So for a few moments, take a
Partial color allows a designer to hone in on a particular part of an image and enhance it with color. This makes the images really “pop” and this technique can be used for many purposes. For example, in advertising or corporate designs, features of a product can be highlighted that the eye may not normally be drawn to. When used for artistic photography, non-focal points
Textures make a website feel tangible. They give content a relationship to the physical world, a sense of place and a reality that people can relate to. Unfortunately, simulating physical textures isn’t as simple as shooting a photo or running a few Photoshop filters. One has to blend random noise and recognizable patterns, striving for similarities rather than pure repetition.
The good folks at Art.Gen are providing WDD readers with an awesome and exclusive freebie… This useful PSD file includes a great selection of GUI elements that you can use for free for both commercial and free app development (with attribution). All elements are on their own layers which should make customization really quick and easy. If you’d like to share this PSD with your
It seems like every time you go looking for a new WordPress theme, you find countless roundups of the same old themes. And while many of those themes are featured for good reason, they’re also used on countless blogs around the web. We’ve all seen them a hundred times. But WordPress themes are being released on nearly a daily basis. Not all of them are great, but plenty of them
We’ve all read countless articles on the reasons you should consider freelancing. They often make it out like anyone still working in the corporate world is just a schmuck with no ambition. But the truth is, there are plenty of reasons not to start freelancing. Below are twenty such reasons, all laid out so you can make an informed decision about whether freelancing is really something